April 27th, 2004


Enterprise has been subject to repeated bashing since it was created. I for one, and I know I'm not alone, happen to like the show and watch it weekly. This community for all of you like me, and even those who don't like the show. You can post about anything Star Trek related, I just ask that you try to keep it mainly focused on Enterprise and if you feel you must speak poorly about the show, try to keep it to a minimum. So come one come all!

Hi all!

Hello there, my name is Emily. I've recently become a fan of Enterprise, but I've been a fan of Trek for quite a long time (DS9 = my fave). I imagine that the reason I really didn't get "into" the show, was because I missed the first whole season while I was living in Brazil. As far as I know, the eps didn't get translated until after I left Brazil, but even still, if they were translated I didn't have satellite TV in order to watch them, hehe.

Anyways, I think this third season really hooked me though, and I watch the show every week. I've also read almost all of the books, I am currently reading Daedalus... pretty good so far!

Well, I think thats enough of an intro for me, hehe :)
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Wai ^_^

An Enterprise-Community! *happy*

I've just watched the episodes that have been aired in German TV so far (that's the first season and half of the second one), but I'd love to see more of it.
I assume that DS9 will always be my favourite, but I definitely like Enterprise, too.
Oh, and if anyone is interested: I'm Schattenstern, 19, from Germany and I'm... let's just say, slash-friendly ^.~ Ask if you want to know anything else, 'kay?

And since I'm a curious little something, I'd like to aks you about your favourite characters. So?